Makeswift 2023 Year in Review

January 2, 2024

We’ve just kicked off the new year, but before we go full-steam ahead into 2024, let’s look back at 2023 to revisit some big news for the Makeswift team and recap a few of our favorite features we launched.

Makeswift and BigCommerce logos

Makeswift joined the BigCommerce team!

2023 was our biggest year yet and it was only fitting to end the year with the news that Makeswift was joining the BigCommerce team. redesign

We redesigned our website

With new features to showcase, as well as updated messaging, it was time for us to unveil a new and improved website for We incorporated custom animations and WebGL to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Makeswift builder.

Our top 12 features released in 2023

Makeswift UI of locale picker

1. Localization

Users can now adapt their website’s content to different languages, regions, or cultures, enhancing their ability to reach a global audience.

Makeswift UI showing site publishing

2. Site publishing and rollbacks

Users can easily publish all changes to their website with just a few clicks. Published changes are saved so you can revert to previous versions if needed.

Increasingly better performance scores stacked on top of each other

3. Improved live page performance

Makeswift provides outstanding live page performance out of the box, ensuring that websites built on our platform load quickly across all devices.

Illustration of v13 text behind the Next.js icon

4. Next.js 13 support

Developers can use Next.js 13 when integrating their Next.js app and developing custom components. We’re currently working on Next.js 14 support for 2024.

Code next to the Makeswift builder with the device picker popover displayed

5. Custom breakpoints

Define your own custom breakpoints in a custom host to allow your marketers and designers to tweak styles for even more devices.

Large pointer cursor on a gradient background

6. Interaction mode

Switch to interaction mode to get a full preview of your site directly in the Makeswift builder.

Makeswift builder with the component tray displayed

7. Component tray redesign

We added searching and folders to our component tray to improve a user’s experience while adding components to a page.

Makeswift and Smartling logos

8. Smartling integration

Makeswift's Smartling integration empowers users to seamlessly translate and localize their websites, ensuring a tailored experience for international audiences.

Makeswift and Bynder logos

9. Bynder integration

Integrate your own DAM into your Makeswift workspace using our Bynder integration.

Makeswift app showing an update button for text components

10. Improved text editing

Our RichText control was written from the ground up to improve stability and fix several bugs.

Many slots displayed in a grid

11. Composable Slot control

The Slot control allows developers to create components that can be dynamically filled with content and other components.

Image of purple cloud with lock icon

12. SSO support

Makeswift offers Single Sign-On (SSO) support for enterprise customers, allowing users to securely authenticate and access their Makeswift workspace using their existing credentials from other systems.