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Makeswift is free until we launch. We're looking for early adopters who will give us unfiltered product feedback.

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Build unlimited, responsive pages

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Frequently asked questions

How is Makeswift different from other website builders?

Many website builders such as Squarespace and Wix heavily rely on templates. This allows you to quickly put together a website, but by sacrificing the amount of customizability. On the other side of the spectrum, options such as Webflow and Wordpress give you complete control over your website, but often require extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Makeswift is right in the sweet spot—you can start with a template, but can completely customize it to perfectly fit your brand. Creating new pages and sections is a breeze, and it only takes a fraction of the time to learn the ins and outs of Makeswift.

What does "Early Access" mean?

Makeswift is currently invite-only. We're currently looking for early adopters who:

  • want more creative freedom and control than your everyday website builder provides
  • don't want to have to learn CSS in order to use a "no-code" website builder
  • don't have time to study a new product for hours but are willing to spend up to 30 minutes to learn the core mechanics
  • are willing to give unfiltered feedback to help us build a world-class no-code tool

When will I have to start paying?

Pricing will go into effect after we launch in early summer 2021. All early access users will get 30 days notice before pricing goes into effect.

Will I get charged automatically?

No. We don't require you to add a credit card as an early access user so we'll send instructions on adding your billing info before pricing goes into effect. If you don't add a payment method before the deadline (TBD), your published pages will go offline.

How much traffic can Makeswift sites handle?

Makeswift hosting automatically scales up with increased traffic, so you can rest easy knowing your pages won't go down.

Can I import my site into Makeswift?

No, sorry. You can't import existing code to create pages in Makeswift.

Can I host a Makeswift site elsewhere?

Makeswift code can't be exported. Every page created in Makeswift is securely hosted and served via Google Cloud.

Get early access to Makeswift.

Makeswift is invite only and we're looking for early adopters to help us build a world-class, no-code website builder.

Free to try while we're in early access. No credit card required.