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Composable Slot Control

As of `0.7.7` the `Slot` control can now be used within the `Shape` and `List`. We want to ensure that our controls are composable and that our API works for sections of your website just as well as for granular components.

The `RichText` control was silently released in `0.6.3` allowing users to edit text directly in a component rather than in the sidebar. We’re working to make `RichText` usable with `Shape` and `List`, and improve its selection UX.

We're also enhancing our selection algorithm so that you can edit overlapping components. Interaction mode lets you edit hidden UI elements, like the content of a disclosure. But if the hidden UI uses `position: absolute`, like the content of a modal, it can't be selected or edited. The upcoming release of our new selection algorithm will support `position` values of `absolute`, `fixed`, and `sticky`, and allow you to edit modals, mobile menus, and more.

improvements & fixes

  • Removed `Esc` keybinding for exiting interaction mode since it conflicts with many UI patterns that a site might use
  • Added error messaging for when chat support and feedback widgets fail to load
  • Added rich text normalizations to catch edge cases when editing lists
  • Mitigated the warnings that were being created by `@makeswift/runtime`
  • Improved the UI for long custom component names in the right sidebar
  • Improved the CLI so that it doesn’t make lock files when run with `npx` or `pnpm`
  • Fixed a bug where login was only working on the second attempt
  • Fixed a bug where the page itself could be placed into a global component
  • Fixed a bug where reordering pages in the sidebar caused `` to crash

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