Spend more time making and less time waiting.

Makeswift is the fastest way for marketing teams to build custom web content. Take control of your website, blog, and landing pages with one tool.

No coding required

Makeswift's visual editor gives you the freedom to create beautiful pages and sites, while collaborating with teammates on custom components.

Auto-responsive for mobile

Every page built in Makeswift is automatically mobile responsive. Fine tune styles and layouts specific to mobile or tablet devices.

Flexible, powerful layouts

Infinitely nest rows and columns into other rows and columns, allowing you to create virtually any layout your heart desires.

Designed for teams

Protect your designs by setting permissions around what your teammates can edit, allowing anyone to alter text, images, and links safely.

Get a head start on your SEO

Don't stress about accessibility, security, and speed. Makeswift is designed around the web's best practices for SEO.

Integrate with your favorite tools

You can easily integrate Makeswift forms with the industry's most popular apps for email marketing and sales.

We've got your back on SEO.

Makeswift sets you up for success with accessibility, security, and speed. Now you can focus on making great content knowing you have a head start on search engine optimization.

Clean, semantic markup

Although you might never see it, you can rest easy knowing that every page's markup is clean and semantic, allowing Google to crawl your site appropriately.

Automatically mobile responsive

Makeswift takes the mobile-first mentality seriously. Every page is fully responsive on all devices without the need to create a separate mobile version from scratch.

SSL certified domains

SSL certified and secure websites are becoming a requirement for most web browsers. Makeswift makes sure every page is secure out of the box.

Lightning-fast load speed

Experience the speed and power of a React application without sacrificing the SEO benefits of a traditional website. This is page speed like you've never seen.

Full metadata control

Get access to every page's meta information, like page title, description, and social image. You can even add your own custom metadata using snippets.

Creativity happens in real-time.

Great ideas require conversation and iteration. Makeswift is the first website builder designed for the way modern teams work together.

Pixel-perfect control

Create mobile-responsive websites without needing to know HTML or CSS. Bring your ideas to life with intuitive styling tools and get pixel-perfect control over your designs, every time.

Preview and comment

Move conversations out of Slack and email and onto your pages. Now your teammates can annotate and share feedback directly on your unpublished page revisions.

If you can dream it, you can make it.

Don't let your website builder hold your ideas back. Makeswift is designed to work with the tools you love and provide endless options for customization.

Advanced components

Inspired by the best open source libraries, we've designed a way for you to create configurable components that you can drag and drop into your pages. Calendars, carousels, feeds, animations — anything is possible.


What good is data if it's not going to the right place? Makeswift allows you to seamlessly integrate forms with your favorite apps. Automatically send new subscribers to Mailchimp, new leads to Salesforce, notifications to Slack, and more.

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