The visual builder marketers and developers love


A visual builder that marketers love. Go to market faster than ever.

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Built on modern technology. Use React and Typescript APIs to extend.

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Enterprise grade quality. Future-proof your marketing site.

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Drag & drop with superpowers. Marketers can create custom layouts, gorgeous animations, and bespoke experiences without having to know HTML & CSS.


Global design system. Add site-wide colors, text styles, and global components to keep your theme consistent across all your pages and devices.

Site theme sidebar in Makeswift builder

Beautiful animations. Quickly animate your pages as you build. Add fade, blur, or scale animations to your content with a single click.


Optimize for SEO without increasing complexity. Quickly add metadata, set up redirects, and auto-generate XML sitemaps.

SEO controls within page sidebar in Makeswift builder

Keep everyone on the same page. Never get locked out of a project again because a someone else is working on it.

Presence indicator displaying 3 users in a page

Blazing fast performance out of the box. Makeswift leverages modern web frameworks to keep performance scores high.

Page performance score displaying 95+

Simple, yet powerful controls right at your fingertips. 

Visual controls for spacing 

Create anchor links 

Custom element names 

Copy and paste 

Dynamic page links 


Global components 


Custom domains 

Video backgrounds 

Parallax backgrounds 

SSL certificates 


Google Fonts 


Integrate components, not schemas. Empower your marketing team with visual building blocks instead of hardcoded forms.


Add custom React components. Any React component can be easily added to Makeswift as a building block to drop.

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import { Ref, forwardRef } from 'react'

export const HTMLVideo = forwardRef(function HTMLVideo(
  { className, autoplay, muted, controls, loop, sources }: Props,
  ref: Ref<HTMLVideoElement>
) {
  return (
    <video ref={ref} className={className} autoPlay={autoplay} loop={loop} controls={controls}  muted={muted}>
      {{ url }, index) => {
        return <source key={index} src={url} />

Choose which props to expose. Design any type of UX with composable controls.

import { Checkbox, List, Shape, Style, TextInput } from '@makeswift/runtime/controls'
import { forwardNextDynamicRef } from '@makeswift/runtime/next'

import { runtime } from '@/lib/makeswift/runtime'

export const props = {
  className: Style({ properties: [Style.Width, Style.Margin, Style.BorderRadius, Style.Border] }),
  autoplay: Checkbox({ label: 'Autoplay', defaultValue: true }),
  muted: Checkbox({ label: 'Muted', defaultValue: true }),
  loop: Checkbox({ label: 'Loop', defaultValue: true }),
  controls: Checkbox({ label: 'Controls', defaultValue: false }),
  sources: List({
    label: 'Sources',
    type: Shape({
      type: {
        url: TextInput({
          label: 'Source URL',
          defaultValue: '',
          selectAll: true,
    getItemLabel(source) {
      return source?.url || 'Video'

  forwardNextDynamicRef(patch =>
    dynamic(() => patch(import('./HTMLVideo').then(({ HTMLVideo }) => HTMLVideo)))
  { type: 'HTMLVideo', label: 'HTML Video', icon: 'video', props }

Integrate in minutes. Use our CLI to quickly setup a sandbox account.

Command line showing Makeswift's CLI

Built for React and Typescript developers. 

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No builder-specific wiring. Integrate modals, tabs, accordions, etc. without adding extra code.


Intuitive APIs. Fetch data from Makeswift just like any other CMS. Render it with our open-source components.


Type inference. Avoid component integration errors with helpful error messages and autocomplete.


Optimized for Next.js. Out of the box support for ISR, SSG, and code-splitting.

Enterprise-grade features for world class websites. Makeswift sites scale with you, ensuring site quality and performance at all times.


Create content without borders. Let your website be a global gateway, offering every visitor a personalized and localized experience.

Localization dropdown in Makeswift's UI

Build fearlessly with our versioning features. Effortlessly revert back to previous versions of your site and review historical changes.

Publish site dialog stacked on top of previous versions
Coming soon

Collaborate in context. Inline commenting makes your team’s dialogue a seamless part of the design process.

Preview of commenting on an image in Makeswift's builder
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Create roles as unique as your team. With Makeswift's custom roles & permissions, your project’s security and efficiency are no longer at odds.

Preview of creating a custom role in Makeswift

Advanced features for larger teams. Makeswift's robust suite of enterprise features bring agility, security, and collaboration to the forefront of your business.


Single Sign-On for enterprise teams. Ensure your team gains effortless access while keeping your digital workspace secure.


SOC 2 compliance for peace of mind. We are dedicated to creating a platform you can rely on—secure, stable, and consistent.


Workspace-level assets for multi-site projects. Seamlessly manage, share, and standardize assets across all projects.


Flexible development environments. Experiment with new components or designs without messing up your live site.