New features

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Composable Style Control

Version `0.7.18` of `@makeswift/runtime` makes our `Style` control composable. You can use it within the `List` and `Shape` to visually control the CSS properties of different sections of your component. With this update, our control API is entirely composable within `List` and `Shape` controls, which means controlling sections of your website has never been easier.

improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating a new page from a template
  • Fixed a bug where the `RichText` control’s selection was visually lost when editing in the right sidebar
  • Fixed a bug where links didn’t work in preview mode
  • Updated web3 example to work with recent thirdweb SDK changes
  • Updated how `@makeswift/runtime` enters preview mode to work with Next.js `v13.3.0`

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