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Next.js 13 support

Support for Next.js 13

This week at Makeswift we are excited to release `0.5.0` of `@makeswift/runtime` with support for Next.js 13 and backward compatibility starting with Next.js `^12.2.0`.

This update changes the default Image component to take advantage of the new `next/image` API, which has caused a bump in image load performance.

Round 2 of performance improvements 🥊

We are currently working on lowering Total Blocking Time for sites made with Makeswift. This week, we updated `@makeswift/runtime` to use selective hydration with React 18’s new SSR architecture. It has drastically improved Total Blocking Time, but has also created some edge cases that we are currently working through. More concrete numbers coming soon in our quest for 💯!

improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug with redirects in the default host
  • Improved the frame rate of all reveal animations by migrating them from `@framer/motion` to CSS
  • Fixed broken loading state for log-in and sign-up forms

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