Next.js App Router support

April 11, 2024

Next.js App Router icon in front of v14 letters

You can now render Makeswift pages in App Router! Upgrade to the latest version of Makeswift using npm upgrade @makeswift/runtime@latest to start using Makeswift with Next.js App Router today.

It’s important to note that we do not currently support Server Components, but are working towards support now. In the meantime, you can still register Client Components and use them on pages in App Router.

Makeswift still fully supports Pages Router for applications looking to integrate. For customers using Pages Router looking to migrate to App Router, please follow our manual installation guide here.

Improvements & fixes

  • Added X and Slack to social links component

  • Holding shift and/or option while dragging handles now allows you to modify multiple sides for margin and padding

  • Fixed issue where global component actions are positioned offscreen

  • Fixed a bug allowing file folders to be placed within themselves causing an infinite nesting loop

  • Fixed various bugs in the Makeswift CLI

  • Fixed errors related to duplicate tax ids

  • Duplicated pages now always match the online status of the original page