Site publishing and history

February 16, 2024

UI of publish site dialog in Makeswift

Site publishing

We recently released a major update to the publishing workflow in Makeswift. Instead of publishing one page at a time, you can now make bulk edits to your site go live in a single publish. With the new publish dialog, you can easily select which pages you want to publish, all from one place.

You can now also choose when to publish updates to site resources like global components and colors. Nothing goes live until you say so.

Learn more about the new site publishing workflow in our help center.

UI of publish history in Makeswift

Site history

Makeswift now automatically creates a version of your site every time you publish. You can find the previous versions of your site in the “History” tab of the publish dialog. You can also quickly roll back your site to any previous version in case any uh-ohs slipped into a recent publish.

Site history is currently only available for Enterprise customers.

Improvements & fixes

  • Updated the site switcher to display sites in a scroll container, allowing other menu links to always be in view

  • Fixed a bug causing runtime input control params for Number, TextInput, and TextArea to not work in the builder

  • Fixed a bug allowing file folders to be dropped into a nested folder, causing the parent folder to disappear

  • Dragging margin and padding handles now support keyboard modifiers such as Option and Shift to allow you to edit the values of multiple sides at the same time