Composable RichText Control

April 12, 2023

Composable RichText control graphic

As of 0.7.16 the RichText control is composable with Shape and List. When we release a composable version of the Style control in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to control sections of your website just as easily as you control individual components.

We also recently started supporting SSO. If you are interested contact us about setting up an enterprise plan!

Improvements & fixes

  • Updated the styles of the default host’s 404 page

  • Fixed a bug where panels in the right sidebar were not visible for hosts on 0.1.X of @makeswift/runtime

  • Fixed a bug where empty lines in the rich text were not being displayed on live pages

  • Fixed a bug where files manager selection wasn’t visible

  • Fixed a bug where image previews were squished for long file names

  • Fixed a bug where files disappeared after renaming

  • Fixed two bugs in content mode for components using more than one RichText control

  • Fixed a bug where Global components showed grips outside of edit mode

  • Mitigated unexpected behavior between Next.js 13.3.0 and @makeswift/runtime