Performance wins for Makeswift hosted sites

March 08, 2023

Performance score of 90+

Recent improvements to @makeswift/runtime are now available for sites hosted with Makeswift. With this upgrade, our templates are consistently hitting 90+ in lighthouse. No action is needed — sit back and enjoy the performance bump.

Improvements & fixes

  • In 0.7.0, we started using remotePatterns which meant we unintentionally required Next.js 12.3.0. This was fixed in 0.7.3 as we added backward compatibility for Next.js 12.2.0

  • Updated CLI to use the latest version of Next.js

  • Added detailed tooltips about plan limits to the billing settings

  • Fixed a bug where global elements could be nested within themselves

  • Fixed image load failures that were occurring within Makeswift sites on Verizon LTE

  • Fixed a bug where fonts that started with a number were not loading

  • Fixed a bug where live page snippets were being run within the Makeswift builder

  • Fixed a bug where global element controls were no longer visible in interaction mode

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with text alignment being applied to ol and ul blocks