Round 3 of performance improvements 🥊

January 6, 2023

Makeswift logo with a motion trail

We have a number of performance improvements planned for this quarter and the first one is available now by upgrading to version 0.3.1 of @makeswift/runtime. Upgrading to our new runtime decreased our Total Blocking Time by 43%. Happy new year!

Here is to more performance wins in 2023 🥂

Improvements & fixes

  • Increased the performance on all sites by switching to a different CSS runtime

  • Improved the BigCommerce example to be a PWA that allows customers to shop offline

  • Optimized the load order of the Builder header to prevent flickering

  • Fixed a bug in the Builder header so that the URL stays in sync with the custom host URL setting

  • Fixed a bug in Starter Kits where component props were not being transferred to the new site

  • Fixed a bug with the content mode affordance so it appears on hover

  • Updated the default route used when duplicating a home page

  • Updated the copy on the “Linking Site” step of the CLI