User roles and permissions

Aug 2, 2022

Users UI from Makeswift settings

Makeswift was created for teams to collaborate when building websites. But sometimes you want to have guardrails to ensure people are working on the right thing. We’ve added several new user roles that allow you to limit what certain members on your team have access to in your workspace.

Admins have full access to an entire workspace, similar to the Owner, and can manage users and billing. Publishers have access to the theme and content of sites, and can publish changes for pages. Editors are able to build pages, edit layouts, and manage content on any page, but can’t publish any changes affecting live pages.

You can now also add multiple users at the same time with a role set upon invite. Learn more about managing users.

Improvements & fixes

  • You can now self-select annual billing inside the Billing tab found in Settings

  • Added text and link controls to @makeswift/runtime package for use in custom hosts