Make your Next.js site visually editable

July 28, 2022

Example of a globe component in Maksewift

We recently launched Makeswift 2.0, which lets you make any page in your Next.js site visually editable, giving your marketing team the ability to work independently and make changes directly in our no-code builder.

We put it to the test when rebuilding our new website, where you can find many examples of our own code components.

Whether you have a custom Next.js site that you want to integrate or you’re starting fresh, you can get set up in minutes. Read our docs to start integrating.

Improvements & fixes

  • Completely redesigned the entire experience for adding new users to your workspace

  • We now remember if the page sidebar is open or closed when returning to the app

  • Users are immediately put into a duplicated page after it’s created

  • Updated onboarding when creating new sites to make integrating a custom host easier

  • Nested files folders are now sorted correctly in alphabetical order

  • Fixed missing breadcrumbs in Firefox

  • Fixed snippets that were visually disappearing when opening the Page tab