Get a head start with page templates

April 21, 2020

Template picker in Makeswift

When creating a new page, you'll now be able to select from a library of beautiful, responsive page templates. Each template was built inside of Makeswift, using no custom code, and crafted to look great on every device. Easily swap out your own colors and content to make any template fit your brand.

You can also use your own published pages as templates between multiple sites and workspaces.

Template picker in Makeswift

Page templates are just the beginning with site templates right around the corner. Site templates will allow you to start with an entire site, automatically including its colors, fonts, typography, files, and database tables. In the meantime, keep visiting our page template library to discover new designs as we release them.

Improvements & fixes

  • The export database table button has returned and now works on tables containing thousands of records.

  • When switching database tables in a form, all fields will automatically swap out as expected.

  • The bundle size for live pages has been cut in half, making page load speeds faster.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a recently uploaded image too quickly would cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue where workspaces with a lot of files would not be able to open the file picker from the page builder.