Billing enhancements & more form styling

March 12, 2020

Invoice settings in Makeswift

Billing enhancements

You can now view and download invoices from your Makeswift account. We also added a section in billing overview allowing you to add tax IDs to your account, which will be displayed in your future invoices.

Linking UI in Makeswift builder

More form styling

We've added more control for styling form labels and submit buttons. You can now set the colors, font, weight, and text size for each. Based on user feedback, we've also given you even more control over button styles, including adding button theme options, width, and alignment.

Improvements & fixes

  • If you have 5 or more sites in your workspace, a search option will appear allowing you to quickly search your sites.
  • You can now create a site from within the site switcher dropdown.
  • You can now double-click image and database tables to use them for image and form components.
  • Made adjustments to dark mode for forms which improves the legibility of placeholder text and adds more contrast to input fields.
  • The code input for embed components is taller by default.
  • Long file names will now be displayed when hovering over a file card.
  • Changed "Remove typography style" in typography dropdown to "Detach typography style".
  • The download files button has been fixed. Select multiple files to download them simultaneously.
  • Fixed minor issue where the form grid would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed routing issues to prevent switching between workspaces unexpectedly.
  • Temporarily removed database table export button which caused issues for tables with many records.
  • Prevent modals from accidentally closing while highlighting text.