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Custom host sitemaps

We recently released `getSitemap`, a first-class way to create a sitemap for the pages you have built in a Makeswift custom host . The return type of getSitemap is:

type Sitemap = {
  id: string
  loc: string
  lastmod?: string
  changefreq?: 'always' | 'hourly' | 'daily' | 'weekly' | 'monthly' | 'yearly' | 'never'
  priority?: number
  alternateRefs?: {
    hreflang: string
    href: string

It includes everything you need to create the XML response yourself, but you can also pass this data directly into `next-sitemap`'s `getServerSideSitemapLegacy` to create the XML automatically.

export async function getServerSideProps(ctx) {
  const makeswift = new Makeswift('<makeswift_site_api_key>', { runtime })

  const sitemap = await makeswift.getSitemap()

  return getServerSideSitemapLegacy(ctx, sitemap)

export default function Sitemap() {}

For more details check out our new docs section on creating a sitemap.

improvements & fixes

  • Added a variable `min-width` to the `RichText` control in `Inline` mode.
  • Added default lorem ipsum text to `RichText` controls similar to how the `Text` component works.
  • Moved “Edit URL” form to the Page tab in the right sidebar.
  • Added a preview for the resulting URL in the “Edit URL” form.
  • Added a label property to the custom font declarations API.
  • Created an update notice that is triggered when you attempt to use an out-of-date `RichText` control.
  • Optimized the left sidebar animation open/close performance.
  • Updated the left sidebar to have an adjustable width.
  • Fixed the warning that is triggered when you attempt to use the same HTML `id` on multiple components.
  • Fixed a potential client-side error that occurred when resetting a `RichText` control.
  • Fixed a bug with the new sidebar blocking selection in the builder.
  • Fixed a bug with resetting `RichText` where resetting the content also cleared all text styles.
  • Fixed inconsistent rendering of escaped line breaks (`\\r`) in `RichText`.
    • Before Chrome was not rendering these line breaks and Safari was.
    • Both browsers are now rendering said line breaks as expected.
    • These line breaks can be created by c/p’ing from Microsoft Word on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where escaped characters were being encoded twice in page URLs.

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