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← Back to all updates // March 30, 2022


  • We’ve increased the mobile breakpoint to include any device width below 576px. This should provide a better website experience for visitors on larger phones, or viewing sites in a landscape orientation.
  • The mobile mode canvas in the builder is now 375px, better representing average mobile device widths.
  • We’ve introduced tabs for the page settings sidebar to better group similar panels.
  • We now remember the last tab visited in the page settings sidebar, and select that tab by default when navigating between pages.


  • Fixed a hard-coded email address in the profile settings to now actually display the currently logged-in user’s email address.
  • The navigation component now includes the gap value between the logo and navigation links.
  • Fixed an issue where selected site templates were only copying over 10 files per folder.
  • Fixed an animation bug seen when switching between tabs in the page settings sidebar.

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