Global components, better site templates, and animations

← Back to all updates // February 1, 2022


  • We’ve introduced a site and workspace switcher for files and database tables. Add files and tables into the Workspace folder to let all sites in a workspace have access to those assets.
  • Updated the loading graphic to be more subtle when logging in and when switching between pages.
  • All Makeswift system emails now use a lighter color scheme for better legibility.
  • Our help center has been updated to reflect all the changes made in our last major update.


  • Draggable controls (e.g. sortable lists, sliders, etc.) now work more consistently.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a control, or sorting a list would interact with panels behind the overlay.
  • Fixed dragging and mousing up outside of a modal which would cause it to close.
  • The workspace switcher is now hidden if you only have access to one workspace.
  • Page metadata loads in immediately when switching pages, causing less flashing and movement when content is loaded.

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