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← Back to all updates // August 26, 2020


  • Images on live pages are now being delivered via a CDN, increasing page performance
  • You can now select other elements on a page without having to deselect one first
  • The corners panel has been added to video elements, allowing you to add rounded corners to any video
  • When uploading multiple files, all files will be displayed as they finish uploading
  • If using the "New file" dropdown option, you can now select multiple files to upload
  • Text will now always display on live pages, even prior to fonts loading
  • Added a product tour for new users when they first enter the app


  • Fixed an issue preventing files from being downloaded
  • Fixed an issue occurring in inputs where your cursor would always move to the end of text as you typed
  • In the Users view within workspace settings, the trash icon would be displayed for all users, even though only owners could delete users. Now only workspace owners can see the trash icon.

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