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Golden is a stylishly designed, one-page, responsive Makeswift template that can be used as an online resume for professionals and consultants. It features rich colors and textured layers combined with elegant typography. Every page was built using Makeswift's no-code drag and drop builder.

Golden's design and layout are completely customizable, making it easy to edit content or add new sections. Golden's layout is also already optimized for responsiveness making sure it looks great on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Every Makeswift template is designed with it's own design system, including shared color swatches and text styles. Add your own colors and choose fonts from Google's font library to make this template your own.

Fully customizable design, layout, and content.

Built completely within a no-code website builder.

Displays perfectly on all screens, big and small.

Design system included with colors and text styles.

Integrate forms with Zapier to connect to other apps.

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