Make components. Make money.

We're looking for Next.js developers to join our partner program. Makeswift partners will have the opportunity to create code components for Makeswift customers and eventually sell components in our marketplace.

Who should partner with us?

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Open up new revenue streams by integrating React components and quickly creating a visual interface for your clients to configure in our builder. Build a site from scratch, or integrate an existing Next.js site page by page.

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Makeswift enables teams of developers, marketers, & designers to collaborate and create dynamic websites quickly, and without compromises. Bring bigger and better ideas to life with custom code components which can easily be edited by your clients.

How it works

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Step 1

Sign up for a free Makeswift account

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Step 2

Publish a showcase page

Integrate your site with a custom host and create a stunning page featuring at least one code component.

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Step 3

Share on Discord

Join the Makeswift Discord and share your page with our community in our #showcase channel.

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Step 4

We'll review your page

Our team will evaluate your work to ensure you're a a good fit for our users and partner program.

Partner benefits

Makeswift already gives our users a lot of benefits. Become a partner and get even more.

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First look at upcoming features

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Lifetime free pro account

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Early access to the component marketplace

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Gain new clients and revenue streams

Go ahead and build.

Don't have a Next.js project yet? Get started with our no code builder and extend when you're ready.

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Integrate your Next.js app