Saying farewell to Landing Lion.

Since 2016 we've had the honor to serve thousands of customers who experienced the magic of the fastest drag-and-drop landing page builder on the internet. While we are incredibly proud of what we've built, it's time to move on to a bigger mission.

If you're a Landing Lion customer, you probably have some questions.

Wait, why do I have to say goodbye to Landing Lion?

On December 1st, 2018, we shifted the majority of our engineering and support resources to a new product called Makeswift, a website builder for ambitious creators. Building on the vision we had for Landing Lion, Makeswift is a no-code builder where you can create high quality, custom websites from scratch.

So this means you’re planning to shut Landing Lion down?

Yes. We plan to sunset Landing Lion early in 2020. While we don't have a set date yet for when the product will be turned off, you can expect to hear these details from us soon.

What if I want to keep my pages on Landing Lion?

You can for the time being! We will let you know as soon as we have more details on officially sunsetting Landing Lion. Your pages will stay up until we turn off the app and you can continue to use Landing Lion as normal. Please note that we are not making any bug fixes or improvements to Landing Lion and can no longer provide support on our integrations outside of what's available in our help center.

What about all of the pages I built on Landing Lion? Will I lose my content if I switch to Makeswift?

No, you won't lose your content. We are building a Landing Lion to Makeswift migration tool that will allow you to easily move your Landing Lion pages to Makeswift if you choose to switch over.

Why is Makeswift a new product rather than an update to Landing Lion?

Recent advancements in web technology have unlocked a whole new set of possibilities. In order to capture our product vision, we need to utilize these new tools. Migrating to these new tools would be a painful process for both our customers and our development team, so we’ve decided to build a new product from the ground up. Once we make it through the transition, we will be able to ship features much more quickly to a product that is unparalleled in quality and speed.

Why the rebrand?

We know, we know, Felix the lion will be sorely missed. While we love the brand we’ve built, the vision for our product has expanded way beyond landing pages. Makeswift represents what makes us unique—the ability to move fast and be creative at the same time.

Meet Makeswift.

Landing pages were just the beginning. Our mission to create the web's best way to build the web has expanded to Makeswift, a website builder for ambitious creators. Makeswift is currently invite-only but we will be sending invite codes out to Landing Lion customers first. Request access below to make sure you're on the list.