Farewell, Landing Lion.

Make the move to Makeswift.

Since 2016 we've had the honor to provide thousands of customers the fastest drag-and-drop landing page building experience on the internet. While we are incredibly proud of what we've built, it is time to move on to a bigger mission.

Building on the vision we had for Landing Lion, we created Makeswift—a no-code website builder thoughtfully designed to put you and your team in flow with full creative control. Collaboration focused tools are the future, and times like these remind us of that.

As of March 20, 2020 you will no longer be able to access Landing Lion, but you can still import your pages to Makeswift for a limited time. During this period, we invite all remaining Landing Lion users to stick with us and make the move to Makeswift.

Join us on our mission to build the next generation, collaborative website builder.


Have more questions?

What happens to my Landing Lion account now?

Because the Landing Lion app is now shut down, you can no longer log into your Landing Lion account. Your subscription automatically ended on March 20, 2020 so you won't receive any more charges.

All pages published in Landing Lion will remain online for the time being, allowing you to import them into Makeswift.

Can I export my Landing Lion content?

You cannot export content from Landing Lion. Makeswift's import tool will automatically transfer all your files and pages into Makeswift. If you do not plan on moving to Makeswift, you will need to recreate your pages using whichever tool you switch to.

Can I export my analytics?

Since you can no longer log into your Landing Lion account, you do not have access to your analytics and will be unable to export them.

How long will the import take?

Depending on the amount of files and pages transferred to Makeswift, the import tool can take from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. Changes made to Makeswift pages will not sync with existing Landing Lion pages.

Once I import pages into Makeswift, will they go offline in Landing Lion?

No, the import tool will not make any changes to your Landing Lion pages. All pages will remain online until you choose to point your domain(s) to your Makeswift site(s).

Will form data be imported? What about form alerts?

Form data will not be imported into Makeswift. Forms in Makeswift are connected to a new feature called Databases. The import tool will automatically create database tables based on existing forms in Landing Lion.

Form alerts are managed in each database table and will need to be set up manually once you’ve completed the import.

Will my integrations be imported?

Makeswift currently only has a Zapier integration, so any native integrations set up in Landing Lion will not carry over. You can create your own integrations, or “Zaps”, within Zapier to connect your Makeswift account to over 1,500 other apps.

Integrations will continue to work for Landing Lion pages during this extended period.

What do I need to review after the import?

The import tool will convert Landing Lion pages into Makeswift ones, including transferring all content, colors, Google fonts, metadata, and custom code. Because of some differences between the two products, certain items such as custom code and forms will require attention.

We highly suggest following the Reviewing Imported Pages section of our “Transitioning from Landing Lion to Makeswift” help article to guide you through the review process.

Can I set a redirect for pages using my Landing Lion domain?

If you have pages using your default Landing Lion domain, e.g. my-site.landinglion.com, you will not be able to set a redirect for them.

Can I still set permissions for my workspace?

Currently users have access to every site in a workspace. If you need permissions, we suggest reaching out to us to help you create new workspaces to separate sites and users.

Do you have help articles for getting started with Makeswift?

Yes, our Help Center contains articles explaining workspace settings, managing sites, and using the page builder.

When was this first announced?

We first announced the plan to focus on Makeswift and eventually sunset Landing Lion in November of 2018. We first announced the date that Landing Lion was shutting down on January 24, 2020.

Make the move to Makeswift