Make edits on the fly

Makeswift's content mode safeguards a page's design, allowing marketers to alter text, images, and links.

Direct access to SEO controls

Marketers can manage meta information for every page — optimizing for SEO and climb Google's rankings.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Forms are easily integrated with the industry's most popular apps for email marketing and sales.

Take control of your SEO

Makeswift automatically checks many boxes for factors that improve SEO. Marketers can focus on content knowing that Makeswift gives them a head start for search engine rankings.

Clean, semantic code

Although you might never see it, you can rest easy knowing that every page's markup is clean and semantic, allowing Google to crawl your site appropriately.

Automatically mobile responsive

Makeswift takes the mobile-first mentality seriously. Every page is fully responsive for all devices without the need to create a separate mobile version from scratch.

SSL certified domains

SSL certified and secure websites are becoming a requirement for most web browsers. Makeswift makes sure every page is secure out of the box.

Fast page loading

Get ready for lightning-fast load times. Fast page loading isn't just good for SEO — it also means your visitors are less likely to bounce. 

SSR React optimized

Have the speed and power of a React app inside of a website, all without having to sacrifice the SEO benefits of a normal HTML site.

Access to page meta info

Get access to every page's meta information, such as page title and description. You'll even be able to add social images directly in Makeswift.

Ultimate flexibility for every occasion

Makeswift doesn't box you into a single, rigid theme or design. Marketers have full control and flexibility to make completely unique landing pages, all while keeping the overall brand consistent.

Preview and comment

Once a designer has completed a page design, marketers and other stakeholders can preview the page exactly how it will be displayed on every major web browser. Marketers can annotate feedback directly on the page, keeping communications smooth and seamless. 

Coming soon

Advanced components

If you don't have access to a developer or two, don't worry, Makeswift has you covered. Makeswift will steadily be releasing advanced and dynamic components to bring more functionality and wow to your site. Expect to see carousels, feeds, accordions and much more in the near future.

Coming soon


What good is data if it's not going to the right places? Makeswift allows marketers to seamlessly integrate forms with many popular 3rd party apps. Automatically send newsletter subscriber emails to Mailchimp or lead information to a Salesforce list.

Coming soon
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Shared code snippets

Marketers can add embedded code snippets such as analytics and tracking pixels, creating a library of reusable code for them and their team to use. They can even have their developers write custom code snippets that can easily be added and managed across all pages.

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