Custom code components

Developers can use React to build any component, as well as give their team the ability to configure them once on a page. Designers and marketers can drop these custom building blocks onto any page, just like any standard component.

Fully featured browser IDE

Makeswift will house a fully featured IDE built right into the browser to make all developers feel right at home. See changes to your components happen instantaneously as you code.

Coming soon

Integrate with Git

Easily keep your existing repo in sync with your Makeswift site just by adding a git remote. No need to even open up your browser.

Coming soon

Shared code snippets

Developers can add code to Makeswift as separate snippets, creating a library of reusable code for their team to use. Marketers will now never have to read through code to hunt down a tracking pixel, or bother their developer to do it for them.

Join the waitlist

We will be inviting our next group of Founding Makers in February 2019. Sign up below to get on the list!

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