No coding required

Makeswift's visual editor gives designers the freedom to create beautiful pages and sites, while collaborating with teammates on custom components.

Auto-responsive for mobile

Every page built in Makeswift is automatically mobile responsive. Designers can even make edits to styles and layouts specific to mobile or tablet devices.

Flexible, powerful layouts

Designers can infinitely nest rows and columns into other rows and columns, allowing them to create virtually any layout their heart desires.

Makeswift changes everything

Makeswift provides designers the tools to make bulk edits across an entire website. With custom shared components, site-wide colors and typographic styles, you'll never have to make tedious updates across pages ever again.

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Create custom components

Create reusable components such as headers, footers, and any other group of elements. Make changes in the master component and push those changes to every page containing that component with the click of a button.

Global colors

Create a color palette that is shared among all pages within a site. Manage and change colors in a single place to update every page simultaneously.

Typographic styles

Create shared typographic styles to use for every block of text on a page. Change typography in one place, and you guessed it, it will propagate to every page.

Real-time collaboration with your teammates

Building a website is truly a team effort. Makeswift is the first website builder offering real-time collaboration allowing multiple designers to work on a page at the same time. Less bottlenecks means getting work done faster.

Advanced components

If you don't have access to a developer or two, don't worry, Makeswift has you covered. Makeswift will steadily be releasing advanced and dynamic components to bring more functionality and wow to your site. Expect to see carousels, feeds, accordions and much more in the near future.

Coming soon

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