Ring Power Corporation, North and Central Florida’s Cat® dealer, is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, with branches located throughout the state. Josh Johnson strategizes and executes multi-channel campaigns for Ring Power in both print and digital design.

Josh Johnson

Moving to a modern design.

Josh Johnson works with several different Ring Power divisions, managing websites, landing pages, and print projects. At the time, Josh was using an open-source platform called Umbraco to manage one of Ring Power’s sites.

"There was a lack of flexibility because we were on an older version of the platform. In order to really fully utilize Umbraco, you need to have some developers who can take its base form and create more options. We didn’t have the budget for that."

In addition to the extra budget and requiring outside developers to make updates, Josh realized that he couldn’t quickly and effectively create modern-looking web pages.

"We were to the point where we could not update to the newest iteration of the open-source backend platform for our web development without starting from scratch. But we needed to create some simple web pages for a specific promotion that didn’t look like it was from the 1990s."

A simplified approach to building and maintaining websites.

Ring Power needed a solution to create simple web pages for ongoing promotions. To do this, the team used Makeswift to create simple landing pages.

"We needed something that had the flexibility and was easy for me and the internal team to manage. A solution that didn’t require additional programming or outside resources. Makeswift provided a simple platform to create landing pages quickly without losing any functionality"

After a positive experience, Josh and the team wanted to move one of their product websites to Makeswift to make it easy to manage.

"We were hoping to build off the landing pages we developed and utilize that for the entire website. We had a great experience with Makeswift, so we wanted to take that same functionality and expand on it for the new website."

Makeswift provided Josh and the team with the tools to create dynamic web pages and websites without engaging an outside agency. Josh and the team can now design and build new pages for the website with ease and efficiency.

"With Makeswift, we can create a beautiful website in weeks and landing pages in a quick amount of time while managing everything in-house."

The Rook Microsite
The Rook Microsite
The Rook Microsite
The Rook Microsite

Josh and his team created an entire microsite in Makeswift to promote Ring Power's latest product, The Rook.

Creating dynamic websites and webpages.

Using Makeswift, Josh and the team can create entire websites quickly, saving time and money.

"I built the website in Makeswift in about six weeks, which is really fast compared to the outside agencies. And it was just me working on the site so it saved us upwards of $20,000 to $40,000 from what we were initially quoted from outside sources."

Josh also believes Makeswift is set up to be a future-proof platform and will grow along with their company.

"Makeswift seems to be built for the future with flexibility in mind. It’s not a platform with tons of third-party apps built on top of one another that needs patching constantly."

The team at Ring Power can now manage entire websites on their own.

"Being able to put up attractive web pages on the fly without having to engage a developer or go through a long process is vital for us. Makeswift has saved us money by producing websites in-house and not paying for an outside agency. This reduces the number of internal hurdles and pain points for projects like these."

Start working with Makeswift to enjoy the benefits of a truly easy to manage and dynamic website builder.

Josh Johnson

Graphic Designer at Ring Power


  • Outdated and inflexible existing website builder
  • Created new web pages from scratch every time
  • Used an outside agency to help develop and manage the old platform


  • Implementing Makeswift for one of their product line websites
  • Easily edit landing pages and web pages


  • Scalable website platform that is easy to manage
  • Reduced costs by handling website creation and ongoing management in-house

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