Monetizr is a startup based in San Francisco, California. Their software is an out-of-the box intelligent rewards solution designed for gaming companies that create an incentivized system for rewarding players with gift cards, game gear, and brand sponsored rewards. Andris Merkulovs is the CEO & founder of Monetizr.

Andris Merkulovs

"I can sum up our main reason for using Makeswift in one word — flexibility. Because of Makeswift, our designer can jump in and immediately make adjustments by himself, however he wants to, and we can quickly build out landing pages within minutes. I was blown away by that. We’re longtime users and still to this day, we love the product," says Andris Merkulovs, CEO & Founder of Monetizr.

Taxing precious technical resources with website updates

Before using Makeswift, the Monetizr team relied on Squarespace for landing pages, but it lacked crucial flexibility.

"We were looking to build our company's website and at the time, there were only a few solutions to choose from," says Andris. "We decided to try Squarespace, but it lacked flexibility. Yes, they offered templates, but what about other custom flexibility?" says Andris.

While Squarespace provided the basics, it prevented the team from quickly creating website pages that met all of their design requirements without leveraging precious internal technical resources.

"When we started building our site, there were only 3 of us — myself, my co-founder, and our technical co-founder," Andris explains. "The goal was to remove the work from our technical founder so he could focus on backend development of our product and give the content marketing to myself and my co-founder," Andris says.

Because technical resources are precious in the early stages of a startup, Andris needed a way to go-to-market with a great website without taxing the technical team.

"We were hoping that we could find a website builder that would enable us to deliver our company's message and build credibility," says Andris. "We wanted to show that we are not just an incorporated company, but that we are a working business with a strong design backbone. We couldn't achieve that with Squarespace and Wordpress unless we leveraged internal technical resources."

In order to make consistent updates to the website while also building credibility in the industry, the Monetizr team realized they would need to hire additional technical resources — which wasn’t really an option.

"When I started Monetizr, we used our own resources to launch the website and I was begging for our technical team to assign technical resources to help build out the site, but that was not a top priority for us," Andris explains.

This meant that Andris and the Monetizr team needed a new website builder that could produce a strong company presence through design, a lean budget, and an experience that didn’t require developers or code.

Switching to no-code with Makeswift

While searching for a website builder that would better suit his needs, Andris discovered Makeswift — a website builder designed for teams without any coding or development knowledge.

"I was blown away when I saw the features and how you can build website pages within minutes," Andris says.

From day one of using Makeswift, the builder provided his team the ability to edit website content and bring design ideas to life without needing a developer.

"Usually when you build websites, it's very difficult for just anybody on the team to jump in and make small edits — for example, misspellings, new headlines, etc. What's fantastic about Makeswift is that anyone on the team can jump in, easily make the edits, and then see the results instantly," Andris explains.

Makeswift helps makers of all experience levels quickly build their websites without compromising on design or content. After producing their pages in Makeswift, Andris and the Monetizr team immediately saw how efficient this new experience was.

"We love that since we started using Makeswift we have never had to get our technical people involved — ever. This is huge coming from our original workflow where we needed to take time away from our previous technical resources."

"Now, we give full responsibility to our single designer, which is remarkable considering the amount of resources we needed to use prior. Developers want to work on the code — not building landing pages for marketers and salespeople." says Andris.

Monetizr home page
Monetizr rewards page
Monetizr pricing page
Monetizr pricing page

Saved time, gained flexibility

By providing Monetizr with a no-code builder and an easy-to-use experience, Makeswift decreased their overall time spent on making changes to the website and preserved internal technical resources.

"We went from using an expensive technical team to push out website design and updates to now having a single designer handling everything — messaging, design, content, etc. We operate a lot more smoothly and have a huge competitive edge that any company could leverage from," Andris explains.

The Monetizr team now looks forward to updating their website rather than dreading the complexity that previously came with website iterations.

"We've found the balance between making sure the product is on the website and that everything is delivered correctly. Makeswift allows us to operate much smoother because we have a single designer owning the entire process and making the best visual out of everything," Andris explains.

Overall, Makeswift provides the Monetizr team with total flexibility that allows the small startup to confidently go-to-market and put their best foot forward.

"The core reason why we keep using Makeswift is because of the flexibility — our designer can immediately jump in and make adjustments and we did not have that flexibility from our previous website builder," says Andris.

Andris Merkulovs

CEO & founder at Monetizr


  • Recovering Squarespace user who loathed the template experience
  • Wears multiple hats — need to be able to focus on more than the website
  • Needed to move fast with marketing efforts since execution is what prevents startups from succeeding


Makeswift provided flexibility with no-code features and faster go-to-market


Saved time and gained flexibility

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