Marketwake is a digital marketing agency focused on creating compelling and personalized experiences. Michelle Lung is a Visual Designer at Marketwake tasked with making these experiences come to life by building websites, web pages, and print collateral for their customers.

Michelle Lung

Website design without the development cost

Michelle Lung and the team at Marketwake needed a faster and better way to build out websites, web pages, and landing pages for its clients.

"We needed a way to market specific services or products for our clients. This led us to create landing pages that focus on specific content without being too wordy or complicated."

The Marketwake team started testing WordPress, Wix, and Makeswift to create these landing and web pages.

"We started out using WordPress for landing pages, but it’s not easy to design for mobile-friendly pages, plus we would need to involve a developer. And Wix was simple but difficult to keep things aligned and make mobile-responsive. With Makeswift, everything just clicks into place and is automatically responsive."

In addition, when working with Wordpress, the team realized it would take too long to make simple updates and maintain the website.

"WordPress would take an hour to get the page created, and then we would have to send it to a developer. It would take many more hours and lots of back and forth."

An easy-to-use, no-code website builder

After using multiple platforms, Michelle and the Marketwake team decided to use Makeswift for their clients.

"Our clients want new web pages and landing pages. With Makeswift, we can build 5 or 6 pages in a day, which is just so fast. Using Makeswift, you’ll just get it done."

Makeswift allows Michelle and her team to build web pages and landing pages without a need for a developer.

"Makeswift provides us the tools we need without needing to have a developer to create web pages. Being fully in control of everything is something that I haven’t had before with a website platform."

Makeswift’s interface and tools allow Michelle and her team to quickly create web pages that are mobile responsive and look great.

"Using the Box is my favorite thing about Makeswift. It helps keep everything aligned and allows for a responsive layout. It’s a game-changer."

Marketwake work

Build web pages in hours instead of days

Now that their client’s sites are implemented in Makeswift, the team can easily create new pages for its clients and make more pages in less time.

"One of the best things about Makeswift is how fast it is. Our clients need new web pages everyday and with Makeswift we just get it done quickly and easily, which allows us to free up time for other tasks as well."

With the speed and efficiency of Makeswift, the Marketwake team saves money and time not having to use external developers and resources to build new websites and pages.

"Makeswift is saving us a lot of money. It takes us around an hour to build a page in Makeswift, and we are ready to go."

Makeswift provides an accessible platform for Michelle and the Marketwake team to develop mobile responsiveness web and landing pages while being easy to create and manage for their clients.

"Makeswift is just really freaking easy to use. I love how simple it is to organize and layout sections using boxes. The built-in design system features for text and colors also make it painless to create and manage these pages."

Start working with Makeswift to enjoy the benefits of a truly easy to manage and dynamic website builder.

Michelle Lung

Visual Designer at Marketwake


  • Needed a simple tool to create websites, web pages and landing pages for clients


  • Implementing Makeswift as their primary marketing tool for web pages and landing pages
  • Easily create and edit web pages and landing pages for clients


  • Complete control over the creation and design process
  • Ease and speed when creating new websites and pages
  • Reducing development cost to implement new content

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