Shelby Stephens is the CEO and co-founder of Jolly — a startup that helps entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers earn more money by instantly creating an online store to sell their services, skills and other offerings. Like any leader at a growing startup, Shelby has to move fast. He can't afford to waste time with tools that don't allow him to quickly execute his marketing campaigns or easily update his web content. This is why he uses Makeswift, a no-code website builder.

Shelby Stephens

"Makeswift really nails it when it comes to speed. No other page builder that I've used is actually fast like Makeswift. And to me, fast isn't just about the app load speed, it's about the intuitiveness of the product. Makeswift's ease-of-use and speed-of-use is what really makes it possible for us to accomplish things quickly." - Shelby Stephens, co-founder and CEO of Jolly.

Slow website builder consuming too much money and time

Before using Makeswift, Shelby tried a bunch of other no code tools to create his websites and landing pages.

"I was dissatisfied with the products I tried for a number of reasons. The one that stands out in my memory the most is that many of them was super laggy and super slow and thus quite frustrating to use," Shelby explains.

While some of the tools he tried met his needs, they ultimately slowed his team down rather than speeding them up.

"Whether it's a landing page or an entire site, it needs to fit into the context of the larger funnel," says Shelby. "The page or the site exists in that environment, and the less time that I spend getting that page or site to whatever level of quality it needs to be, the more time I'm spending on other parts of the funnel."

Not only was their experience with other no code tools frustrating, they lost precious time that could have been spent working on other parts of their business.

"Ultimately, our success is going to be determined by the success of that entire funnel and that's going to come down to my ability to work on all of the different parts of it. Without speed, I lose out on a big opportunity to optimize all parts of the funnel and ultimately to increase revenue," Shelby says.

This meant that Shelby and the Jolly team needed a new solution that could quickly manage and build new website content, convert visitors into customers, and allow for more time spent working on all areas of the marketing funnel and customer experience.

A website builder with a fast UX and UI — Makeswift

Makeswift allows no-code makers to move fast and build new pages as efficiently as possible. After trying Makeswift and recognizing how much more quickly they were able to build pages, the Jolly team began migrating their entire website to the platform.

"I've used pretty much every site builder, and it was immediately obvious how much faster and better Makeswift is. The product experience is designed such that you can move around and use it quickly, and the aesthetic is really clean and well-designed," says Shelby.

After launching their website in Makeswift and using the platform for 2 years, Jolly has found it to be a crucial part of their marketing stack for the following reasons:

First, Makeswift's fundamentals are incredibly easy to learn. This allows Shelby's team to quickly move into more advanced marketing tests since they aren't stuck just trying to get their pages designed and built.

"We do interesting things in Makeswift. We run landing pages against each other to test performance and we use it as our primary top of funnel conversion page tool and research flow. We're now able to concentrate our efforts on things that really move the needle since it's so fast to spin up new designs," Shelby explains.

Second, the time Makeswift saves Shelby and his team allows them to focus more energy on their business goals to ensure the health of the company.

"I'm spending less time making sure my landing pages look good. I'm now able to spend more time on the onboarding experience, features, etc. I'm a marketer and designer but I'm also the CEO, which means I need to be able to focus on making sure the company succeeds," Shelby explains.

Lastly, Makeswift helps Shelby save time and money on hiring developers or using valuable internal engineering resources.

"We're able to iterate in Makeswift without having to get our engineers to build and iterate on different types of pages, which is super convenient for us overall, and helps ensure our team members are working on the projects where they can have the biggest impact in helping us achieve our goals."

Jolly screenshot
Jolly screenshot
Jolly screenshot

Saving time with an easy builder experience

By providing Jolly with a fast UI and an intuitive UX, Makeswift improves time and labor for Shelby and his team on a daily basis.

"Makeswift is super fast and it supports faster product development long-term, and I love that about it," Shelby says.

Shelby and his team also enjoy the product experience while optimizing their landing pages.

"I love the overall product experience, where you can move things around quickly with a really clean and pleasant aesthetic that is well designed," Shelby explains.

In addition to being enjoyable to use, Makeswift is helping Jolly optimize their website experience and convert more visitors into users and customers.

"Makeswift doesn't cause me any stress," Shelby explains. "In fact, they are constantly improving the product and open to any feedback I have and that has always been a lifeline for us. We're able to do things fast and focus on all aspects of the business and thus generate more revenue overall."

Shelby Stephens

Founder at Jolly


  • No code early adopter who found many of the tools he tried to be slow and laggy
  • Wears multiple hats – needs to be able to focus on more than the website
  • Needed to move fast with marketing efforts since speed is a startup’s greatest advantage


A website builder with a fast UX and UI — Makeswift


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