Grassroots Labs is a digital marketplace for individuals and employers to purchase routine lab testing at a fraction of the cost of current market rates. Located in midtown Atlanta, the health care startup creates value by bringing price transparency and affordability to testing for both B2B and B2C customers. Zach Aten is a co-founder of Grassroots labs.

Zach Aten

Need to build out landing pages, fast

Before Makeswift, Grassroots Labs used a custom built solution to manage their website. Though the custom solution worked for some needs, it put a big damper on their turnaround times for new website pages.

"Our app was custom designed for the healthcare industry. I needed to create freestanding landing pages for partners who refer business to us with landing pages that day, not next week. I also didn't want to rely on our outsourced team which cost extra resources," says Zach Aten, Co-founder of Grassroots labs.

Not only was their previous solution slow, but the process prevented the Grassroots Labs team from quickly creating special landing pages for their partners.

"I needed a solution that was self-service — that I could use to build out landing pages for partners who send us business. I just wanted something that looked good and had some decent templates we could use," Aten explains.

Zach was also on a time-crunch and needed the ability to create these pages fast.

"We needed a tool to support really important business developments in the shortest amount of time possible. I needed to be able to respond quickly to partner requests and immediately start servicing those relationships," Aten explains.

This meant Grassroots Labs was in the market for a website builder that would quickly produce landing pages, and help the team ultimately generate more revenue.

Fast and reliable, no-code website builder, Makeswift

Makeswift is the no-code website builder designed for makers who are tired of making compromises on design and flexibility.

"Once I met these guys and tried the product, I was like ‘this will do exactly what we want, so we're going to use it' and we love it," Aten explains.

Makeswift's easy-to-learn builder meant Zach and the Grassroots Lab team could create their partner pages without waiting on their time constrained developers.

"Makeswift is such a great tool because it allows us to create landing pages that we need without having to wait and pay for our development team. I can just spin up what we need immediately," says Aten.

Makeswift also provided the team with extra SSL coverage for any subdomains leveraged in the builder (which meant added security in an industry where security is crucial).

"I thought about using Squarespace or another like it, but Makeswift has additional SSL coverage for any subdomains that we wanted to create for any pages. This way I didn't have to go out and pay for SSL. Instead it's automated and included in the product," says Aten.

Lastly, Makeswift's all-in-one solution meant Zach could focus on tackling more of the top level tasks associated with growing the business.

"I needed a tool to help me address my time, as it's the most valuable thing I have. We have probably 15-20 pages that we use and need to keep up to date. Once I get them up and running it's a ‘set it and forget it' thing. I don't have to worry about anything — hosting, changes, reliability, etc. It's great," Aten explains.

Grassroots Labs landing page
Grassroots Labs landing page
Grassroots Labs landing page
Grassroots Labs landing page

Generating revenue through partnerships

By providing Grassroots Labs with a fast, no-code website builder, the digital marketplace startup was able to set up their business for success by quickly onboarding partner relationships.

"Our partners love the custom pages that we can create for them because of Makeswift. They also love the responsiveness that we can give by sending over deliverables within a day instead of weeks. It's helped our process move so much faster," Aten says.

Makeswift's custom landing page capabilities also enabled Grassroots Labs to generate more revenue.

"Makeswift is really important to the health of our business as almost all of our business is referral business. For instance, one of our main partners worth $70,000 in MRR goes through two Makeswift pages," Aten explains.

Overall, Makeswift provides a profitable funnel for the Grassroots Labs team.

"The number one outcome we've been able to achieve with Makeswift is higher monthly revenues since it's all about bringing in new business, and maintaining and growing established business," says Aten.

Zach Aten

Co-founder at Grassroots Labs


  • Without a reliable solution, Grassroots Labs was looking at compromising revenue with partners
  • Don’t have time or money to waste on technical resources to turnaround deliverables (landing pages, updates, etc.)


No-code website builder, Makeswift, that provides fast turnaround


Gained thousands of dollars in partner revenue

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