Take your website to the next level.

Never hit a customization road block again. Drop in React components that anyone can edit visually.

Code components within Makeswift builder

Advanced customization without trade-offs.

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Endless options

Tap into the power and popularity of React. With a massive and growing open source community, if it doesn’t already exist it can be built.

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Maintain control

No more being told what you can and can’t do in your website. Code components give you custom building blocks, with no hidden side effects.

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Stay in flow

Stop installing complicated plugins and Googling how they work. Just drop your code components in and build.

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Go to market faster

Code components are designed to be visually edited, removing bottlenecks and letting you ship website updates on your schedule.

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Easy optimization

Makeswift provides best-in class libraries so that you can quickly optimize your site. Just update the Makeswift package and get benefits immediately.

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Developer approved

Sites deployed using Makeswift are running on Next.js and deployed on Vercel, technologies developers love and trust.

Get early access to code components.

Give your site superpowers.

Here are a few examples of components you could be building with.

Design systems

Your brand’s design system.

Achieve brand consistency across landing pages, microsites and your main website by building all of them with the same components. Integrate your existing custom navigation, buttons, cards, feeds and more.

Design system components
Data pulling from data sources using APIs

Data feeds

Feed from your database.

Displaying data from your database shouldn’t impact your workflow. Isolate that functionality into a component and drop it into any page you want.

Data pulling from data sources using APIs


Shopify product catalog.

Hook into Shopify’s GraphQL API and break free from their builder. Create a blazing fast, next-gen shopping experience by yourself.

E-commerce products
E-commerce products

Onboarding marketing

Custom sign up form.

Get users into your app faster by signing them up directly on your landing pages. Reuse your sign up component from your product team inside your marketing pages.

Custom sign up form on landing page
Interactive product demo on landing page

Interactive Demo

Interactive product demo.

Take it a step further and hook leads by letting them try your product. If your app is built in React, it can be added as a component.

Interactive product demo on landing page

Get early access to code components.