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Make your Next.js site visually editable or start with our no code builder and extend later.

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Step 1

Give your team a visual builder they will love.

Easy-to-learn layout controls give marketing teams everything they need without any of the bloat found in other website builders. Makeswift eliminates the tradeoffs with custom code, headless CMS, and no code builders.

Try it out for yourself

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"Makeswift is just really freaking easy to use. I love how simple it is to organize and lay out sections using boxes. The built-in design system features for text and colors also make it painless to create and manage these pages."

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Michelle Lung

Designer at Marketwake

Step 2

Integrate in minutes.

Whether you have a custom Next.js site that you want to unlock or you’re starting fresh, we’ve got you covered.

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$ npx makeswift@latest

$ What would you like to name your project? my-site

Downloading files from repo…

Installing packages. This may take a couple of minutes.

yarn install v1.22.19

[1/4] 🔍 Resolving packages...

[2/4] 🚚 Fetching packages...

[3/4] 🔗 Linking dependencies...

[4/4] 🔨 Building fresh packages...

✨ Done in 4.06s.

Step 3

Make any React component visually editable.

Bring your React components and quickly create a visual interface for marketing teams to configure in our builder. Stop sacrificing time to market for performance and functionality. With Makeswift you can have both.

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Incremental adoption

Don't wait for your next website redesign to unlock your Next.js site. You can integrate Makeswift at the component level and make your site editable page-by-page.

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No vendor lock-in

Makeswift is an open source package you install into your repository so you can self host and control your deployment workflow. All Makeswift pages can be ejected at anytime.

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Optimized for Next.js

With support for SSR and ISR out of the box, Makeswift seamlessly integrates into your Next.js app without compromising the performance you love.

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Simple, intuitive API

Makeswift is designed to work with your existing components. Simply map UI controls to props to make your components configurable building blocks for the rest of your team.

"Makeswift fundamentally changes things for us because it allows our marketing team to maintain a world-class website. Suddenly we’re not developer-constrained on marketing efforts. If the marketing team wants to iterate on something or spin up a new campaign or page, we just give them the building blocks."

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Hunter Hancock

Solutions Engineering Lead at Recurrency

Go ahead and build.

Don't have a Next.js project yet? Get started with our no code builder and extend when you're ready.

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Integrate your Next.js app